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My Dear Fellow Slashers, and especially [ profile] cerulean_eyes:

I have found a new fandom.

The Boondock Saints. From the opening sequence of this movie, my heart was stolen.

Meet Connor and Murphy Macmanus.

These two are the strangest twins I've ever seen on celluloid, or even read in literature. They have the inseperablity of Pauline and Juliet in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures; the psychotic madness of twin doctors Beverly and Elliot Mantle in Dead Ringers; and all the charm of Mark "Chopper" Read in Chopper.

They're scruffy Irish boys living in Boston, working in a meat packing factory, hanging about at local bars, living in a shite, leaky, half-finished, unfurnished loft in a crap neighborhood. They're extrememly intelligent, speak at least Gaelic, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish, and they're fighting machines. But not slick movie-type psuedo-martial arts fighting. I'm talking barroom brawling, throwing punches like boxers, getting roughed, bruised and bashed in.

And if you think you've seen SLASH between two men in a movie, my friends, I will see that claim, and raise you with these brothers.

I just sat there with my mouth hanging open the entire time, eyes wide in disbelief as they went around staring at and eyeing each other, constantly repressing wicked smiles at each other as if they share a joke on the whole world.

My heart stopped whenever they were on the screen, because they shout, tussle, argue about who came out of the womb first, climb and jump all over each other like little boys, wearing their hearts on their sleeves. And at other times, they just stand quietly together, as if silently reading each other's minds.

And dear god, please don't get me talking about their sweet, sexy Irish accents.

They're cheeky and hilariously witty without being irreverant, and love so fucking intensely you can barely stand it. And when they fear for the life of someone they love, like their semi-stupid friend, Rocco, they come apart, yelling and stomping and crying like their insides are being gutted.

So imagine what they're like when someone touches the other brother in a threatening way. The other one goes absolutely nuclear, to the point of superhuman feats.

In this sequence Russian mobsters handcuff Connor to the toilet...

...and take Murphy out to execute him.

Connor rips the toilet out (bloodying his wrists horribly) goes out on the fire escape, dumps the toilet on the head of one mobsters, then jumps five stories down onto the head of the other mobster.

Murphy instinctively knows his brother will be coming for him, and knows to take cover.

Then he scrambles like the world is on fire to throw Connor over his shoulder, and rush him to the hospital.

They wear the same clothes and rosaries...

...are tattoed identically with saints, except that one has "veritas" (truth) tattoed across his left hand, the other has "aequitas" (justice) on his right.

They sleep side by side... *gggnnnn*

...wake up side by side...

...wrestle around naked in their apartment (from deleted scene)

...go to Mass together...

...naturally move in effortless unison together...

...and instinctively recite in unison the catholic prayers taught them by their AWOL dad when they're killing.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? They're also vigilante killers. *grin* They take it upon themselves to rampage through Boston backrooms, violently wiping out evil doers.

They're doing terrible things, but you watch only the way they stare at each other, snicker, and fight when they disagree.

This is them ready to drop in on some baddies, but they get into an argument because Murphy thinks Connor wanting to bring rope was "Charles Bronson wannabe". So they argue, until they start wrestling. Yes, that's someone's hand gripping someone's head.

Then they fall through the ceiling, entangled by the ropes, which of course saves their lives.

And, *pants* the one thing you just know from watching the way Murphy watches Connor, is that Connor tops emotionally, but they take turns physically. *brays*

Their neighbors love them, the police adore them. And I've gone mad for them.


Boondock Saints on IMDb (Warning: The movie is excellent, but very violent and so may not be for everyone.)
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