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[personal profile] perseph2hades would be Plata Quemada (English title: Burnt Money). Except for one major little thing, which I'll mention at the end.

The one on the left is Nene (which means "little boy") and the one on the right is Angel (pronounced "ahn-hel", which in any language obviously means *hair on fire* *douses self*).

This is an Argentinian movie (based on a true story) about two men, Angel (Eduardo Noriega) and El Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia), who are Bonnie and Clyde-type bank robbers known as The Twins. Nene is an ex-convict, the black sheep of an upper class family, and Angel "wasn't even from here", as the narrator cleverly puts it.

Angel hears voices, Nene only cares about Angel. And yes, my friends, they are lovers.

(Warnings: Spoilers. Lots of caps, R-rated. May not be work-safe)

The sad thing about caps is that you can't see Angel panting as he stares in near awe at Nene. Nene just sucked his brains out (which we don't see!!) through means I'm sure Angel wouldn't have previously believed.

Nene, ever cool, lights up.

Angel, meanwhile, is still trying to remember his name.

He comes over to stuff his flask into Nene's pocket, which is clearly his own way of penetration. Nene watches him do it.

While I go change my panties.

Then they proceed to have cigarette/hand-porn sex.

*blinks slowly* Evil, right? Jesus!

That night, Nene takes Angel home. It's true love, and they're inseparable from then on.

*reaches for fire extinguisher* <--- I beg your collective pardon, but I'm going to be doing that a lot.

Angel is the angstier of the two, clearly devastated by his feelings for Nene. Being prone to depression and the whole hearing voices thing, the way he quietly depends on Nene, staring covertly and sometimes overtly at him, breathing's.just.fucking.brutal. One must have spare extinguishers, spare panties, and plenty of ice on hand.

For instance, on the train, they sit apart from each other because dear GOD the heat between them is such that sitting side by side would derail the train.

At this point in the movie, about nine minutes in, [ profile] elaur (whom I was watching with) and I are pretty much done. Much, MUCH wailing. [ profile] elaur understands Spanish, but if it weren't for the subtitles (which were hard to read with my eyes crossing), I wouldn't have any idea what was going on plot-wise.

They're contracted to do a big heist, and that's where things start to get a bit difficult between them, as Angel feels the need to abstain before such a big gig (remember, Angel isn't quite stable). The angst is awful for Nene.

But lord, you can understand why Angel makes that decision. I think he was afraid he would incinerate in the middle of a ripping orgasm. People are depending on them, after all.

During the robbery, things don't go exactly as planned. Angel is shot.

Nene rushes him to a safe house and does what he's best at. Taking care of Angel.

The hair clutching. *weeps*

While Nene takes out the bullet, Angel says he wants nothing for the pain...then proceeds to scream his head off. You wonder why he didn't take the analgesic, then you realize what he secretly wants is for Nene to manhandle him.

Then give him some love.


Yeah, no kidding, Angel.

While Angel recuperates, the whole abstainance thing is beginning to wear on Nene.

"Nene was there staring."
"Just now? At me? I told you he was a fag."

"You think all good-looking guys are fags."
"Wait a minute, don't underestimate me. I have a good ass too, remember that."
"Go on, call him in."
"You'd like a threesome, you little slut."


*cough* Nene is amused.

As time goes on, while they wait for the heat over the robbery to pass, Nene tends to Angel's wound. So much love. The looooove...

But they're still not having sex, because the ordeal hasn't ended.

It's Angel's rule not to have sex during the whole thing, but look at him stare. Towels. I need towels.

While Angel talks through his angst, what they need to do, where they should go, Nene is having a slight meltdown, because uh, n.i.p.p.l.e.

Screw this, he thinks. He starts to unbuckle Angel's pants. Angel seems oblivious...

...but, unfortunately, he's not. And he's not having it. *cries buckets*

Angel suffers.

Nene suffers.

Neither is climbing the other, and I'm fucking ready to strangle someone.

They make it to another hideout, and things seem to be improving between them, and for Angel.


But the good times don't last. Soon it's clear that more waiting around in some dive of an apartment for the cops to stop looking for them is driving Angel into a worse state. Nene is at a loss for what to do, except to just be there for him. *ggnnn*

The final showdown with the cops is riddled with bullets, loud noise, etc. But who cares. Angel takes his shirt off.

He wears nothing but his pants and that holster that's obviously made for hard riding and even harder grabbing.

Yes, love. You just keep smiling at Nene like that.

Nene has to douse himself to not catch on fire.

Why? Because Angel is taking his pants off and setting them on fire. Do you sense a theme here?

Say nothing, people. Say.nothing.

The battle with the cops gets more heated, until there's a lull. While they lie there waiting for the next onslaught, Angel finally finds some peace.

The voices are gone, he says. Nene is ecstatic.

"You only have to lean on me and I get a hard on," Nene says. "It's mathematical."

Angel then proceeds to show him exactly how to do the math.

But for obvious reasons, the middle of a siege is not the time. *cries buckets*

Um. Yes, please.

Things keep getting bleaker for them, and they decide to burn the money and free themselves of the burden. It's cathartic, for Angel especially.

Before the end, it's Angel's turn to hold Nene. And he does it well. *bawls*

The end.

So you've probably noticed what that little missing thing in the movie is: No Angel/Nene sex.

Now, I'm not saying I expected sex by default, but in the context of the movie it makes no sense. They show Cuervo drilling his girlfriend into the wall in that scene where Nene watches, they show Nene in an NC-17 rated sex scene with a woman he picked up. Yet between the two people the movie is about, nothing.

When you take into account the way these men pant after each other, the holding and rubbing and touching that sets one's hair on fire, the moaning for each other, and the soul-searing eyefucking going on between them, the movie becomes, dare I say it, a very painful tease.

I'm not made of that non-stick stuff they put on frying pans, you know. I'm flesh and blood female. Things burn on me. Which is why, I-- I just don't think I'm going to be buying this movie and have it sit and tease me on my shelf. *cries* *strokes the lovely caps*

Edit: I lightened the first bunch of caps.
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