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Every year I promise myself I'll attend all the panels on my list! Every year I fail!

Right. So this year at the Con, there weren't many big name celebrities or big studio movies (a direct reflection of the box office these days. It was very telling that the crush was mostly at TV shows panels).

Having said that, however, I still lost at least three pounds over those four days. And all because of the 300 panel.

The mushroom cloud of explosive perving that that movie's aptly named teaser released in that 6,500 seater auditorium was unlike anything I've ever witnessed at Comic Con. My inclination, even two weeks later, is still to lie down and howl every time I think about it.

However, there are pictures I'd like to show you, so I'm upright for the time being.

Sam Jackson was there, David Wenham was there, and Harper Gerard Butler was there. And in the latter case, I was within pawing distance. I didn't paw, but I howled. Oh yes I did.

And of course, never to be underestimated but always to be loved, were the fans. Who are Comic-Con.

This was the first thing I saw, at the first panel I attended (celebrating a century of Robert E. Howard's fiction).

She's a Conan the Barbarian slave girl. I walked in and observed a loose line of casually drooling fanboys waiting to take pictures with her. She had nothing but smiles for them. Smart girl. If the guy dressed as a hotdog hanging from a pole outside, crying, "Ask me about my wiener," hadn't told me I had arrived at Comic-Con, witnessing that scene sure did.

Okay, now I don't know how much any of you have been aware of the whole Snakes on a Plane madness, but that's what Sam Jackson was there promoting.

Mr Jackson looking as fine as ever.

And really, I don't know what it is, but the man just exudes cool. I was clutching my stomach in laughter listening to fanboys going up to the mic, gibbering about how cool he was. One of them, in a quivery voice, asked whether it had been tough dealing with all those snakes on set. lol. He sounded a bit scared. To which Mr. Jackson coolly replied, "How many nuts you got, boy?"

It got laughter, but I bet a lot of people in the auditorium weren't really laughing at him, since we had prior to that seen the snakes on stage. I put the pictures of the snakes in a separate entry.

Hold it.

If snakes squick you, DO NOT BLOODY CLICK. Those things are big, gross, and frightening.

That said, if you clicked.. omg, Jesus Christ, what?? *wipes memory clean*

Do you guys know Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro?

He's a squishy with the squishiest sense of humor. He directed The Devil's Backbone, and has a second movie coming out in the fall in that theme, Pan's Labyrinth.

I love him because he's always laughing at life, and is the biggest of fanboys, telling the audience, "I am a fan, just like you. You can tell this because I am fat. And you have to be fat because if you are not, that means you care more about your body than your obsession." And in describing the beauty of the miniatures for his [hopefully] next feature, HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, he said, "If you saw the maquettes you would go into a corner and jerk off and cry, and then die."

Now that's perving.

Also, he loves on his fellow Mexican director friend Alfonso Cuaron, director of Y Tu Mama Tambien and the third Harry Potter movie, who was there promoting his new movie, Children of Men.

Their love was so giggly and squishy and real, and oh the RPS. And then they brought up their fellow Mexican director, the beautiful Alejandro Inarritu (who wasn't there), and I experienced a tiny fangirl explosion and died.

Which brings me to the cause of the mushroom cloud of explosive perving that took place at the Con. The premiere screening of the 300 movie teaser at the Warner Bros. panel.

When the panel was initially introduced, Gerard Butler, David Wenham and the director came on stage, to much, much screeching. Lights went down, teaser came up. Teaser played. A visual style appeared onscreen that I have never seen in cinema. Not even with Sin City.

Teaser ended, lights came up, insanity. It was deafening. Someone was at clawing me, I was clutching back at then. I thought it was [ profile] elaur. It turned out it was the woman next to me, a perfect stranger.

Ummm. I'm going to have to do an entire separate post on the devastation this movie will cause us. Not just David and Gerard, but Rodrigo Santoro and Dominic West and Vincent Regan (who plays Matthew Nash on Rescue Me) and-- and-- And I also have to point out that the stuff on the movie's production blog site? Forget it. Not even close to what we saw.

Gerard and David asked to see the teaser again. In all, we saw it three times. By the third time, the audience was stomping its feet. *is dead, y'all*

*cough* I had a press pass. So I went up to the press area after the first teaser showing. On the second showing, to my astonishment, Gerard made David come with him to the edge of the stage. To recline on the stage floor and watch the screen.

I blinked, and there they were. Within pawing distance. Yisss.

So, quickly, before the sound could come on, I whispered, "Gerry, Gerry!"

He looked over.

I managed to get that one before I got jostled and smushed and nearly trampled to death by other photographers. lol! Worth it, though.

The panel was a blast. We were rolling with laughter over their candid responses to questions. When asked why he went into acting, Gerard replied, "Alcoholism," and was probably only half kidding.

Someone asked Wenham his favorite color, and while he attempted to take the fan seriously, Frank Miller, the creator of the comic on which the movie is based, said very dryly, "Nobody really cares." Laughter.

Wenham seemed to consider that. Then he said, "Yeah. Back to the movie." *hearts* He and Gerard had probably never seen any finished footage of the film, and seemed in awe of what they were seeing. The highlight of the panel was, really, having Wenham there. The man is so adorable and easy going he makes you want to gnaw on something.

Here he was being given a Faramir statute by a group of fanboys by the side of the stage.

My sister said she saw him on the exhibition floor looking around the booths. She said people gave him his space, though everyone was doing double takes. I found that ironic since two years ago fangirls were actually bawling because they couldn't get tickets for his autograph line.

And having him slash himself with Gerard, who exuded oceans of gruff manliess, layered over an odd and unexpected level of vulnerability, was almost too much for my poor pervy heart.

I regretted the position of the press area because most of the time those mics were in the way and it was difficult to get good shots of them whispering to each other. *eyes glazing over*

Some guy asked about the possibilities of man-on-man Greek love in the movie. Sadly, there isn't any, and Miller succinctly stated, "We like to call this fiction."

Right before the panel ended they showed us the teaser again. Most of the press had left the press area by then, but there I was when Gerard came over for a third time. I couldn't believe it! He couldn't seem to get enough of the teaser.

So right before the teaser began, I called out, "Stay for pictures when it's done!" He nodded oh so vigorously.  I took perhaps two pictures, and spent the rest of the time staring at his crotch.

But when the trailer finished, he stood up and started to leave. Then he seemed to remember, stopped, turned around, and over the noise of the applause called over, "Did you mean now?"

I had been fumbling madly with my camera, and heard myself howling, "Stand stillllll!" Pity me, fellow pervs. For by this time I was miles beyond panty explody. He came back over, stood very still, and let me take the picture.

Then he grinned and gave me two thumbs up and then there was jostling and tackling and smushing again and I shrank back and fled back to my seat.

A sample of the other shots I was able to get.

The autograph signing area was.. how you say.. insane?

Such big hands.

This girl, whom I don't know what she was dressed as, seemed to mesmerize Gerard.

He had actually suggested that she ask a question during the Q&A at the panel (perhaps he thought she would speak in an alien tongue), and even at the autograph session he kept staring her a "what am I looking at?" expression. *dies laughing* And to makes matters more hilarious, her genial smile never wavered, and when she came for an autograph, she brought her "camerawoman" and posed for her picture with Gerard as if conducting an interview with him. Complete with big blue foam microphone. Gerard was all over it, leaning in for the shot and everything. I was swallowing peals of laughter, so unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures. Cuteness.

While taking these photos, I was being given a shoulder massage by one of the biker-looking guys who had helped set up the Warner Bros. pavilion. Don't.ask.

This was the guy's handiwork, putting the gear on the mannequin. Oh, what a job.

The scratch-and-sniff shot for [ profile] orlisbunny and [ profile] _elfy. mwrrowr.

Dr. Gaius from Battlestar Galactica came over and fangirled Gerard, getting tight hugs and everything. But I was so *blink blink* I completely missed taking photos.

Other celebrities at the Con: Lucy Lawless for the Battlestar Galactica panel.

She seemed like an old pro at cons, though I don't know if that's actually the case. She did the Xena war cry when she came on stage. Got a roar from the audience.

Dr.Gaius (James Callis), Chief (Aaron Douglas) and Adama (Edward James Olmos) were also there.

I was quite happy to discover that Olmos is rather raunchy in real life, in an understated kind of way. Now I'm certain Adama is shagging all those petty officers on his bridge. Get down, Apollo, get down! *small cough*

We wandered into Jennifer Love Hewitt signing autographs. She looked very nice with dark hair.

Greg Hilderbrandt!!

Remember the original Beastmaster? Marc Singer? Still got the hips. Happy fangirl copping a feel.

And lastly, the fans:

Baby Robin

Baby Wonder Woman

(Urr, this was Baby Wonder Woman's dad.

I'm not sure it's okay to raise your child in a DC/Marvel crossover universe, because.. well-- continuity Hell!! *angsts*)

This dad was so happy and proud, it was adorable.

Baby Bounty Hunter and Stormtrooper

Baby Batgirl

Baby Supergirl

Look at this sweet little girl knowing just how to position her bracelets for maximum bullet deflection. Aww.

The Super Mario Bros.

This guy at the Star Wars panel had only one question. Just when could we expect Indiana Jones 4 in theaters? Hopefully never, love. *cuddles*

Jean Grey/Phoenix

One of the presenters of the Klingon Lifestyles Presentation panel. (I believe he's actually not in costume.)

Imperial Guard covering the restaurant entrance at the Omni Hotel. I guess Galactic Senators dine there?

These guys were from Full Metal Jacket. They came complete with the Vietnamese ally.

This being Comic Con, of course a real Vietnam vet had to appear from nowhere and adjusted their uniforms and give them combat advice. I could hear his wife approving in a high pitched voice, "Another soldier saved."

I asked this kid, "May I take you picture?" He channeled Napoleon Dynamite without missing a beat. "Whaaateverrrr," he groaned.

Very nice.

Be very afraid.

Perfect moment. It wasn't even staged-- he was actually on the phone. lol.

This guy? Stormtrooper Elvis? No words. Just love.

Sometimes I'm not sure whether they're in costume or just AWOL.


Spiderman signing autographs for an exhibitor.

She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Stormtroopers catching the bus.


That yellow creature was giving away free.. um.. antennae. All these seemingly normal people were walking around with them, which I thought was very funny. So I asked them to pose for a picture.

Wonder Girl

*has died laughing*

This guy told us all during the Snakes panel that he has a snake in his pants. I kinda believe him.

Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four.

This year's Masquerade winners.

Poison Ivy.

While I was taking her picture, Lou Ferrigno, the guy who played the Hulk on the TV show, was some where to our right growling about how gorgeous she looked. She was bubbling with pleasure while I was frightened at the visuals of "Hulk squeeeeze!"

An Uruk with a fairy impaled on its shoulder.

I caught a [hottie] stormtrooper passing this group of rebel soldiers. He glanced over his shoulder, growling, "Easy pickings" to himself as he stalked past. *quivers*

I don't know who these guys are--they were part of some kind of group all dressed the same-- but..chests, and tapered waists, and arms and nice asses. So.. yeah.

Kids playing in front of the convention center one evening.

The view from the hotel towards the front and the back.

And the best in show, as far as I'm concerned..

:P Go, girl.

The winner from this year's Robot Rumble, by the way, was Tom Servo and Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000. They destroyed Vickie the robot from Small Wonder to claim the title.

(If none of that made any sense to you, then.. good, good. You can still be saved.)

And so another year passes at Comic Con. *curls up*

On the morning of the fourth day, when I was already feeling nostalgic, I saw the perfect thing.

Thank you for coming in for a look. *kiss*
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