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Dec. 6th, 2004 02:37 pm
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Does anybody remember Young Indy from The Young Indiana Jones Chroincles?

Is this how you remember him?

Because, gaddDAMN. That is not how I remember him!

[ profile] elaur and I have discovered a fresh hot world of Indy porn-pain watching the entire series on tape, and I was able to get a wonderful friend of mine to burn an episode on DVD.

My friend (a non-slasher guy) did slashy chapter titles for the DVD. lol! The episode is Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

The episode starts with the end of World War I. Indy gets correspondence from his dear friend *cough* Remy. There's treasure to be hunted!

So they travel to Egypt, where Indy proceeds to flirt with the concierge. "Yeah, we are archeologists. You know... searching the past for the secrets of the present." *shakes head* You'll find a lot of this going on. Indy is hopeless that way.

Then he writes a love note to Howard Carter, the famous archeologist who found Tutankhamen's tomb. "I met him on a dig about 10 years ago." Could you... slip this under his pillow? Why, of course, Indy.

Then they actually meet Carter and his friend E.M. Forster, who checks the hell out of Indy and goes on to say, "Some of us dig in the dirt, and some of us like to dig into men's souls." *howls* Which of course makes Indy giddy with glee, opening and closing his legs as he does. Carter hisses.

Then it's off to their room to study the map, where they are set upon by those who would desire Indy's body the map.

Indy and Remy persevere, but Indy seems to have been, er, highly stimulated by the fight. Even though their map was stolen.

So they follow the thief onto a boat heading for Java. Indy as the top, Remy his bottom. In jewels. *shakes head*

While in Java, Indy makes it a point to look especially hot for all the shady characters he's pursuing. Not to mention poor Remy.

They follow the thief to a hidden temple, where Indy does a lot of sweating.

Then it's off to Singapore. Indy seems to like the idea, as he does a hell of a lot of smiling on board the boat. Just... so... pretty.

And in this scene, the director probably cleared the set so it was just him and Indy shooting the close ups. Of course.

*laughs weakly* Look, he makes Indy flex. *blows up*

Another fight on the ship, as they're set upon by pirates.

Indy gets hit on, as usual, this time by a pirate.

They jump ship to follow the pirates. Look at that boy mount. *makes siren noises*

They row for days before seeing land, but then get chased off by hostile natives. (These caps aren't too clear, but lawd, they can't be left out.)

Back on their little boat, Indy has a wet dream.

Are you still alive? Because...

They see land again, and-- and-- Indy decides to- to sh-shower. First they tease you with a long shot.

Then they just let you have it.

Remy is having an out of body moment.

But it doesn't stop there.

So then Remy has a heart attack and dies.

This island is full of friendly people who give them shelter. *raar*

This cute little boy is but one of Indy's many admirers. But this one wants to like, marry him.

He tickles Indy with a piece of straw to wake him up, then takes him by the riverside to do the ceremony.

Remy's dream comes true on the island when Indy is tied up with him.

The random hotness of Indy in the day, by firelight, and in the sunset.

Then for the rest of the episode, the director no longer wished for Indy to button his shirt back up. The damage had been done.

The end.


crossed to [ profile] spf_daily
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